OGAM - September

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Well, September sure came and went in a hurry, didn't it? OGAM just went ahead and disappeared with it, too. The last post from mid-month here is as far as I got with the challenge this time around, attempting to create a dialog system for chatting with NPCs. It was a good opportunity for me to poke at the UI systems in Godot as well, but I just didn't get much further than that. With my day job keeping me extra busy and taking on some additional outside projects eating up my evenings and weekends, OGAM just didn't have the time/priority this past month.

So what's October looking like? If anything, small. Teeny tiny game. Minimalist. If I have an idea I'll make one (the theme is "Cycles"), but right now it's looking iffy. Though as I write this (while surfing Twitter and griping about the new Unity rebranding on a Discord server), it could be fun to do something pre-rendered using Blender's Cycles. Very 90's CD-ROM esque, perhaps.