Global Game Jam - Prologue

Friday, January 31, 2020

I'm participating in Global Game Jam after taking last year off, and I couldn't be more excited. Hence this post a few hours before we even start.

I'm jamming on-site at Buffalo Game Space, and I went all out this year. I dragged in my home workstation and my VR gear. The plan is to create something in Godot for the Index. I've only done the very basic (but excellent) VR tutorials in the Godot docs, but I think I've got a good rough idea of what to do to get a scene up and running and let the user stomp around in it.

I'll do my best to post stuff to here as I make it, but if you want the latest and greatest (and are also running a VR rig, have Godot installed, and like Linux) you can clone the repo from my git page.