Tuesday, November 5, 2019

When I first started properly surfing the web as a wee little cld, I found all sorts of awesome stuff hosted on pages just as directory listings. The idea that I could browse and download files from a website just as if it was a regular directory was such a neat idea to me (I didn't know about FTP yet, that would've blown my mind).

Cut to 2019 and I still enjoy the concept. There's something so minimal and transparent about it. So, in an effort to recreate the experience, I bring you The Junk Folderâ„¢. It's a directory for me to upload stuff that I want to archive/access online but not necessarily put in the git repo where I keep all my other website things.

Right now it's just got a README, a CHANGELOG, and a viewable copy of The Tracker's Handbook v0.5, which I'm about to get into (again) as a way to start messing around with writting little tunes for my games (again). If there's something you know about that you think would be rad to have in there, shoot me a link! Would love to see what sort of neat archive we can populate..