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Scalper Wars

June 5, 2019

Experience the world of a scalper in this crappy text game written in C for BGSjamXIV.

NOTE: This post was supposed to go up a little while after the jam, but I promptly forgot about it after drafting it.

I definitely went into this past weekend planning on not making a game for BGSjamXIV; instead, I was gonna just be support for folks that needed help, getting food and stuff, and working on Bit Crushed 5.0 visuals. So naturally I made a game too.

I’ve been working my way through The C Programming Language by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie. It’s an incredible book, very well written and easy to follow. In my efforts to actually learn C, I’ve been also doing all the exercises in the book, treating it like a class. This has the benefit of my actually retaining information, but the drawback of taking a long, long time to get through it. About a month ago I thought that I’d have enough time to get through it before the game jam, but come that week I’d only made it to the middle of chapter 4.

So, with no knowledge of pointers or structs, I thought “hey, I could still make a game with this.” Enter Scalper Wars, the ultimate text-based ticket scalping simulator. Try to buy and sell event tickets across three locations over the span of two weeks, making as much money as you possibly can in the process.

Heavily influenced by Drug Wars but not nearly as deep, Scalper Wars is a single .c file with a few functions and a bunch of globally scoped variables. It’s not pretty, but it works (like most jam games). You can scour the source file at or download a build for Windows or Linux from the page.

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