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New Hosting

March 5, 2019

Hey, the site’s back up!

In case you missed it, my site was down for a few days. That’s because I got sick of some dumb issues I was having with AWS not doing exactly what I wanted (that is, playing nice with Google Domains when using S3 for storing my static page goodness) and learned about Linode at the same time. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a pretty nice (and affordable!) VPS provider with a bunch of solid Linux distros available right out the gate.

Speaking of Linux…

A few months back I made the full switch from Windows 10 to Ubuntu on my main desktop, and I can’t say I regret it in the slightest. I used to try to switch pretty often a few years back, but every time there’d be one thing I wanted to use that just wouldn’t work, or I’d do something dumb and mess up my system in some way that I couldn’t seem to fix. Now, though, it feels like a lot of those issues just aren’t there anymore. Part of that might be because my understanding of GNU/Linux environments has gotten better, but I also think a lot of the problems I used to have with compatibility are just gone. Everything just… works. With minor exception (I’m looking at you, excessive video game DRM), I’ve been able to run every application I’ve wanted to with ease.

And the customization! Oh man, how I’ve missed being able to just try out different window managers, switch up the fonts on my machine whenever I feel like it, and do everything (EVERTHING) from the shell. Powershell is nice, but it’s not nearly as functional or nice to work with as good ol’ bash. (Sidenote: I recently tried messing with Arch Linux, and the installation image gave me a taste of Zsh. I need to play with that more, it seems pretty damn nice.)

I’ve constantly got fun little things I’m learning with the system still, so with a little effort there might be some more blog content in the future covering those things whenver I get the itch to write about it.

New Merch

This one’s a little thing, but I thought it might be worth mentioning I’ve got a new dumb shirt on my Redbubble shop. If you’re a fan of The Smiths, you probably won’t like it.

3/7 Update: Redbubble took it down because it was too mean to Morrissey, lol. Here’s the original art, if you’re curious.

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