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Introducing Super Souper

December 10, 2018

Feed a picky pig some soup!

Screenshot from Super Souper

Introducing Super Souper, an action-arcade Eat ‘Em Up featuring a picky pig in a suit. Collect ingredients based on what our protagonist Porkston likes at the start of the game, and eat em when you’re good and ready to score points. The game ends when time is up, so act fast! Eating stuff Porkston likes or is fine with will increase the point value of the soup and even give you time bonuses, but eating stuff he hates will lower your score, so be careful what you eat.

The initial version was made for BGSjamXIII, and is likely hosting a few bugs right now. I just fixed an input issue related to my targeting a homemade arcade stick for the jam, but I’m sure there’s other oddities in there I haven’t found yet. Additionally I plan to put some more hours into it over the course of the month, with the big goals being music & sfx, more food, and balance fixes.

Like/hate the game? Let me know! Hope you enjoy it, and shoot me any feedback you might have to help me make it a better little game.

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