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Weekly Update

September 14, 2018

A jam (non-)game I made, one I played, and new Aphex Twin EP.

This week again feels pretty quiet for a post, though it’s been anything but. Hopefully dayjob stuff will start winding down a little soon so I can get back into the graphics and games work I want to be doing. In the meantime, I did get around to making something this past week, plus I got to play some games for a bit and hear the new Aphex Twin EP today (spoiler: it’s good).

ECS Jam at BGSjam

Screengrab of my non-game ECS DDR thing made for BGSjam 12 This past weekend I took a stab at writing a game for BGSjam 12 using the in-development Entity Component System framework in Unity 2018.2. The bad news is I failed to make a game, but the good news is I learned a lot about how to use the ECS framework, at least at a relatively basic level. Read all about it in my last post.

I started going through a sizeable backlog of games I have marked as “to play” on, and what was supposed to be a few minutes in the first one I picked turned into something like an hour. I’m a sucker for roguelikes and games with quick rounds, and Patient Rogue has both. Throw in some solid pixel art and easy to learn mechanics (and a lot of starving to death), and you’ve got yourself a great coffeebreak roguelike.

Cover of Collapse EP Normally I want to highlight new or lesser-known stuff I’m listening to in this section, but new Aphex Twin is just too good not to mention. This new EP is no joke, with 5 solid tracks of everything you’d expect from Richard D. James. Well worth a listen/purchase IMO.

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