cld (see-L-dee) makes games and graphics in Western New York.

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Site Update

July 19, 2018

I decided to redo my site. Haven’t reskinned it in a long time, and it was overdue for a revamp. The big change is layout now scales to the screen size correctly thanks to Tachyons. Another one is I moved to markdown for blog post editing, but that’s actually been a thing for a bit now.

The other thing is instead of a big landing page with full page scrolly bits, the blog is now front and center. I figure it’s the easiest way to get new content to the front page, and it might encourage me to write a bit more frequently.

There’s naturally gonna be broken links, missing images, etc. If you spot any feel free to hit me up on Twitter and I might fix it eventually. Also, I hopefully will have a new brief SoC post up soon, with images this time.

UPDATE - One thing I forgot to mention is if you track my stuff with an RSS reader, you’ll want to update your link by clicking here.

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