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Computer Magic

March 29, 2018

I'm well overdue for an SoC post, but I had to share this now. I'd been searching for clips of classic computer animation to use as a sort of video mood board for Carbon when I stumbled across a documentary I remembered from my childhood. It's called "Computer Magic: A Journey Into the World of Computer Imagery", and it features Robert Abel as on-screen host and a multitude of clips from various commercials, shows and films from the time. You can watch the whole thing (well worth it if you're interested in the history of computer graphics) on the Internet Archive.

This is one of a few things that got me really interested in computers as a kid. I had a copy of it recorded to VHS from an airing on PBS in the early 90's, and I watched so many times the tape broke. Having just rewatched it, I'm pretty pleased not only to have found it but to find it holds up pretty damn well.

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