About CLD

CLD is Chris Langford (me), a graphic designer and game developer based in WNY.

You can find me most frequently on the Twitterverse at @Chris_Langford.

Check out my design portfolio on Behance, and my game projects on itch.io. If source code is your thing, you can find a lot of my projects on GitHub and BitBucket.

The futur Line

I've used the font I'm working on to create a clothing and merchandise line on Redbubble.


BGSjam6 was over a week ago now, so my writing a bit about it is a tad overdue. Better late than never, right? Read up on the minecart game I made dubbed "The Vomit Comet".

A New Homepage

Welcome to the new CLD homepage! I've written a bit about the redesign on the blog.

Mech Wiki

Check out all the latest news on my current project, a Mechwarrior inspired combat game.